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These tragedies are senseless and outrageous, but until I watched your video I had not connected the dots.

If your conclusion about predatory violence is correct, then demonic possession is rampant! Thanks, Cindy"Hello Cindy: Thank you for your email.

Supreme Court issued a landmark ruling that granted same-sex couples a constitutional right to marry. Hodges legalized gay marriage nationwide, including in the 14 states that did not previously allow gays and lesbians to wed.

LGBT Americans face a steady drumbeat of discrimination from people who claim they practice a religion rooted in love and acceptance.

That is, unless you participate in a so-called "homosexual lifestyle" or are "confused" about your gender.

While the beer brand has a 15-year history with the Bond franchise, the deal it signed in March is its most integrated to date.

Reported to be worth million, it required that James Bond drink the beer in one scene of the movie.

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