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When looking to borrow between the ranges of £1,000 and up to £20,000, secured loans tend to be a reliable personal finance option.Secured loans are also referred to as ‘homeowner loans’ or ‘second-charge loans’, as this type of loan is a second loan against your property, after your mortgage.- Secured loans, also known as homeowner loans or collateral loans provide a way to borrow large sums of money using the equity of your home as collateral against your repayments.

Our secured loan products can be used for any legal reason that you have in mind and the speed at which we work means that you can gain access to the finance you require as fast as you need it.

The lending criteria for high street banks are usually stricter than they are with other lenders and you almost need a perfect credit history to get a bank loan these days.

If you are a homeowner, and your credit rating has suffered recently, secured lending may be the best choice for you to obtain the amount of money you need.

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