Old quaker bottle dating

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Many of these are ordinary “generic” glass bottles with nothing particularly unusual about them.

However, many of the bottles of this period are beautifully designed, with unusual and artistic shapes, designs, and raised graphics employed.

The craze he created was so great that the demand for bottles triggered the reopening of the closed Dyottville factories in 1842.Huge numbers of all types and shapes of “spirits” flasks & cylinder-shaped (fifth) bottles (bourbon & scotch whiskey, gin, vermouth, vodka, etc, etc) were marked with this phrase.This was done in an effort to discourage the re-use of empty bottles for bottling and selling homemade (that is, unregulated) distilled liquor (“moonshine”), the sale of which had became very common and widespread during the Prohibition era.And she was close friends with Andrew Weiss of Sherman Oaks, California. Witt suggests that Rutt might have witnessed a performance by the vaudeville performer Pete F.The inspiration for Aunt Jemima was Billy Kersands' American-style minstrelsy/vaudeville song "Old Aunt Jemima", written in 1875. Baker, who played a character described in newspapers of that era as "Aunt Jemima".

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