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Much of the literature about gifted individuals focuses on children and adolescents. There may be more social pressure to conform, to be like everybody else.

Or they may be so bored in school they withdraw into themselves.Surviving Young Adulthood as a Gifted Person Surviving the Workplace as a Gifted Person Surviving Social Relationships as a Gifted Person Community Q&A Being an intellectually gifted person can mean suffering hardships society neither acknowledges nor wants to hear about.In recent years, scientists have developed new ways to define intellect outside traditional ideas of cognitive capacity (IQ, SAT scores, GPA, etc.), such as “emotional intelligence” (EQ), “practical intelligence,” and recent studies of wisdom.I was barred from watching He-Man and taught that children should be seen and not heard. As a human being, I was pulled by hormones and emotions into two different directions. Yet when I started gaining popularity, there was a sense of uneasiness, “ is what it is to have a lot of friends?Unless I was doing something destructive that gave me a rush, or playing with guns, or reading war magazines, I was bored. ” I only went to one dance in high school – Senior Prom. Yet I was more likely to be friends with my professors than with other students.

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